Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

Meeting Quality Key to Projects, Programmes & Businesses

Having implemented PPM solutions for 25 years, the majority are to deliver efficiencies in planning, scheduling and reporting. Some of the most effective solutions are delivered where the governance framework for projects and programmes had also been revisited and revamped. A core aspect to such frameworks is the meeting set that is used to

 - Translate strategy into delivery (i.e. identifying and selecting projects and programmes to take through lifecycle stages)

 - Prioritise and allocate resources

 - Oversee performance and deal with issues

 - Workshop scope, issues, risks, communications etc.

It is not just project and programme boards that can benefit from better meeting quality. Any recurring meeting - including board meetings - can benefit from a revisit on how they are working, and how they continue tot work.

For eexample, if these meetings (or meetings generally) are

 - supported with good technology,

 - atttended / facilitated by an effective team,

 - with the confidence / quality pulse taken as a matter of course,

we can assure that the governance framework is efffective.

If we dont have good tech, meeting capability and checks / balances - we can of course hope it's efective. And even worse - what if we are NOT meeting face to face - how can we really detect emotion / reaction?

How can we help?

Some of these are one off meetings, most recurring, and involving stakeholder groups like sponsors, delivery team and customers / users. Naturally, as consultants we can design the operation of these meetings, and coach / mentor people to be effective within them. There are 3 other ways in which we can help:

 - If you have a PPM solution, we can help you get more utility out of it, and if you don’t have one, we can help you make a case, select, implement and sustain one.

 - Interactive Governance Dashboard. Even in the time of PPM solutions and Dashboard reporting tools - Meetings are not prepared for, data sharing is hard, capture of and interaction with meeting data is difficult – often done of paper outputs and scribbled notes. Summary and follow on capture is parochial, so progress from meetings can be poor. We can use core Microsoft Technology and a little bit of super special expertise on top to enable meeting types to automatically generate agenda, provide a place to store preparation, simplify meeting operation, generate minutes easily and follow up of the risks, issues, actions and dependencies produced.

 - Track your Meeting Quality. Clearly – how we all perform at meetings will determine how productive they will be, and meeting quality also provides a leading indicator on project performance. For example – increasingly fractious project board meetings will not help problem solving or decision making. Our Meeting Quality App quickly solicits meeting feedback and allows inference from trends across the portfolio – enabling better decision making and helping teams in difficulty before difficulty becomes problematic, and our Meeting Quality Service provides independent, bias free feedback on what is going on / developing with the key relationships in your portfolio.

 - Train, coach and mentor meetiing participation and management. It is possible to think about attendees, planning, operation, behaviour and follow up as matters to coach and improve. It is not "shameful" to seek support in these subjects, its "sensible"!