Portfolio, Programme and Project Management consulting

Innovative Services Portfolio

Chase Management Services is a new company born out of years of engagement with hundreds of companies. We work with people to improve, innovate or perhaps invent an ecosystem to govern and manage portfolios of projects and programmes. Our business consists of:

 - P3M and Business Consulting - traditional services to help you explot good practice

 - Core P3M Data Club - a voluntary, for the public domain collaboration on P3M data

 - Business Integrated P3M Governance - a set of services from consulting to technology

 - Meeting Quality - a techhnology solution to support better relationships

P3M and Business Consulting

Leadership Support

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management are disciplines organisations need to translate main board objectives into prioritised roadmaps, change / benefit and outputs.

We can all do better. CMS can help if you'd like to fix / improve / excel.

We identify, justify, define, deliver, support and sustain change through people, process, technology, organisation and governance.

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BIG but simple

Business Integrated P3M Governance

Business Integrated Governance (BIG) enables us to manage the journey from Main Board opportunities, threats, imperatives and goals to Objectives, Targets and Challenges shared with Change Portfolio Leaders and Operations Heads. We assume delivery through programmes and projects alongside operations for collaboration on finance / resource prioritisation and management.

To do this it defines a governance framework, indicates support / assurance assumptions and provides a data model for management dashboards that support performance management, forecasting and decision making.

We provide a holistic, sensible approach to making this work. WE ARE NOT prescriptive about delivery methods or tools, but we are prescrtiptive in that whatever methods or tools you have - we need them to support governance. This will deliver more strategy outcomes, greater business agility, lower management overhead and efficiency benefits.

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Core P3M Data Club

The Core P3M Data Club has been going since November 2018, and has delivered a Core Data Model for Portfolio, Programme and Project Management, with extensions for Main Board, Finance, and Management Teams.

We made a short video (a little while ago now) which explained some of our original drivers in 5 minutes in a Major Project Association Interview.

Find out more about the voluntary Core P3M Data Club initiative.


Core P3M Data Club Overview

Relationships ok?

Meeting Quality

Ensure your temporary teams function effectively and take confidence and satisfaction data from key stakeholders when they meet.

All from a simple app and a small monthly fee.

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