Portfolio, Programme and Project Management consulting

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

Core P3M Data Club

P3M and Business Consulting

IT, PMO and Director Level customers

Delivery Method

Core P3M Data Club

Find our more about the voluntary initiative to develop a standard for P3M Data and a great example governance framework...and join here:


Services on GCloud - https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/services/727234495700579

P3M and Business Consulting

Chase Management Services is a new company born out of years of engagement with hundreds of companies.

We work with people to improve, innovate or perhaps invent an ecosystem to govern and manage portfolios of projects and programmes.

We identify, justify, define, deliver, support and sustain change through people, process, technology, organisation and governance.

Our customer is the captain - we like to think we can help navigate.

IT, PMO and Director Level customers

We work at all levels. You may come from:

 - An IT organisation that needs subject matter expertise to define a technology solution

  - A PMO looking to provide a better service, but you need external people to say what you already know and demystify technology.

 - A CxO that is starting from scratch or has a transformation to make - and does not want to distract the business too much, and perhaps wants candid analysis.

Delivery Methodology

What do we do first? We listen. As with any change - we have reasons for change. Are we clear on what they are? Do we understand where the journey is starting from? Are we clear who are our stakeholders? Can we envision something better? Once we've listened, we tell you what we think - and we take it from there...see 'First'.